Top 5 Rice Dishes Pt.2! – Hot Thai Kitchen Special

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For Part 1:
We’ve done Top 5 Noodle Soups in Thailand, now it’s time for a roundup of the top 5 rice dishes! Come with me around Bangkok and see if your favourite dish made the list!

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– Kao Mun Gai recipe:
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peterstang says:

I love to see you enjoyed everything Thai in your videos. You must be a food lover before you became a good cook.

Jason Wagoner says:

always a pleasure to watch. I once ate at the food court in Bangkok in the sian center. I was really impressed at all the good food they had there. impressed and jealous lol. The states could learn so much from them. Thanks for sharing Pai!

fmg4von says:

I love the black sticky rice dessert at Tha Mall Bangkapi. I go there a lot!!

samuel seow says:

Thank u I appreciate your way of introducing Thai food to the world

Marilyn Rosteck-Cline says:

That is just beautiful…. looks yummy!

Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:

Oh my gosh I MISS the mall bangkapi food court SO MUCH

Sia Chang says:

omg… you make me miss thailand so much! I must go back soon!

John Smith says:

Every single broth / soup in Thailand looks disgusting. Rice looks yummy though.

Tikamporn K. says:

ขาด กระเพรา เบอร์หนึ่งตลอดกาล

The Serf says:

You make me miss Thailand a lot.  The food is just not the same outside the country.

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