The Legendary Pad Thai – The most famous Thai foods noodle restaurant on Earth | Bangkok Street Food

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Hello Everyone., Welcome to my FOOD and TRAVEL Chanel.

My name is Waa Usap. I live in Bangkok Thailand which is the city that has lots of Street Foods all around, I like to walking around and buy some delicious foods from the markets and Also I love TRAVELING and i would like to share my memory about my trip in this channel with you.

Thanks for watching my videos and if you would like to ask or how do you think about the taste of the foods plz make a comment below,

Also Thanks for subscribe my my channel or FOODS TRAVELING videos , I Hope you have a great day with good foods and new experiences

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Hope you enjoy have a great wonderful day ^^


39LFC says:

yeah she would get it…

sulasno says:

Mahachai Rd?

Mark Gibson says:

Love PAD THAI!!!! :)

Gary Smith says:

10:34 double chin suggests she's a regular here.

MrNeckCheck says:

Difference between Thai street food and Indian street food videos: Almost no honking in the background here.


Resta Nur says:

clean the area pls……

Dana Blouin says:

Where in BKK is this shop? I am more of a somtam guy myself, but I am always up for good noodles. ;-)

Mae C. says:

Why r they saving those shrimps? For themselves? What a rip off. 

Miniature Cooking with Ching says:

INTERESTING VIDEO!!! Colorful creation…Keep it up my friend.

OBEY Jeremy says:

how much is a plate??

proteusx says:

looks like dog vomit.

VoiceOpinion says:

Not sure how this is legendary, sorry but I can make the same shit at home with my wok too.

bugaljuice says:

stupid ass dinging sound.

Maximilian Ortiz says:

Came for the girl stayed for the food

Mike Pineda says:

one thing i noticed is that they were stingy with the shrimp like at the end of it he put most of the shrimp on the metal bowl dafuq.

Romeo James says:

hey looks good

RikuChanhnoy says:

I cant say this is legendary to me. I blame my aunt because her cooking is always unique when it comes to Lao/Thai foods. "mostly south east asia foods" The care they take on their food seems to lack a lot. Probably on the amount of people or servings in a day/night per person but if they did take better care then Id take more consideration id say its amazing but they just throw this and that without lack of emotion…. fyi im no food critic i just know when i see good, decent, or bad food. They are decent in my book.

boog eryang says:

That ain't pad thai bro….there are many noodle -type dishes but it ain't sure not pad thai. FAIL BRO

thekiller dallena says:

I'm wondering if these eggs laying on the street at prob 50c have bacteria no?

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