The Famous Bangkok Thailand Street Food Noodle – Huge Seafood and Dim sum Jompalang Noodle

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Hello Everyone., Welcome to my FOOD and TRAVEL Channel.

My name is Waa Usap. I live in Bangkok Thailand which is the city that has lots of Street Foods all around, I like to walking around and buy some delicious foods from the markets and Also I love TRAVELING and i would like to share my memory about my trip in this channel with you.

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kingston lau says:

I can tell you for sure the noodle is not tasty and is not clean too, I do not want to eat even free of charge.

Duanglissy Kamon says:


duelbuster123 says:

famous? no. this stall is being famous for making ppl get food poisoning. but some teens still wanna try it because it sales very very large dish. there are a lot of stalls which are delicious but not this one.

Amor Street Food says:

good food

Narmeen Waehayee says:


street food and travel says:

crowded area but clean,


Where is this in BBK?

Street Food Tk says:

good food


4:33 is that 1 portion?

Leon Springs Boys TV says:

:32 a Vietnamese less successful super Mario… stirring pots

mariam ahmedzein says:

what on earth

Haji Qasim says:


Q Chinah says:

I mean good clean pots but my thing is why why they're not using protective gloves

miniconplay says:

That's dumpling noodle aka "wanton mee", i was surprise by the amount of noodle, the cook was cooking. usually is is cook in single bowl portion. Anyway, look good.

Benny Wang says:

Cooking foods processing is difficultly to guarantee dirties or not, even in 5 star restaurant, cookings is by hands, everyone knows hands is quite dirties, because touch so many things, no body knows if dusts falling down from ceilings and landed
on the foods. Never worries, our liver will clean up any toxical things, just eat long as you can !

Hilda Cantu says:

wowwwww ,,the,best cookers ever seen,,

katia Romero says:


rotivale ggb says:

pênis nu cú de quem léu o comentário kkkkk

Duterte Sempai says:

ok na to kesa Indian street food Wala akong tiwala

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