Thai Street Food. Most Massive Dose of Thai Noodles Ever Seen

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Egg noodles, soya and rice noodles, pad thai and more from Thailand


Ifrah Izaan says:

bollywood songs playin in the background. is this in bangkok??

eugene smith says:

why make a street food vlog and not tell everyone what they are looking at ????

Kevin Kingan says:

where is this? BKK if so where? Thanks great video!!!!

nytrucker718 says:

Looks great.

neilizbad says:

Wow. Street food. This looks amazing, totally sanitized work station. Looks very edible.

Bill Kirchenbauer says:

Where is this?

Jupe367 says:

Thai food are the best… Well balanced of salt, sour sweet, and hot spice.

Geoffreynguyen911 says:

Thank you Settime2588 for posting these street food videos. I love them all. I just wish that you can sometime ask them what they put in there like the dark yellow powder the lady put in.

G Man says:

love pad thai

pcuser80 says:

Is this during a festival?
With the music background?

Lovely Girl says:


Willamis Bezerra says:

Que Delícia kk

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