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This Thai Red Curry Shrimp is truly a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s spicy but the lime in this recipe just makes every bit so refreshing. If you like curry, check out my Curry Chicken Salad below. If you like Spicy Shrimp, Check out my Firecracker Shrimp below as well.

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JONDOE Inc says:

This Red Curry Shrimp is the BEST I've ever had. So easy and delicious. Thank you for posting this. All of my friends loved it.

John G says:

From your knife skills, kitchen organization, prep and technique that you have some experience working in a restaurant (or several). Thanks for the vids!

Gerlisa David says:

tried it and it taste so good..Thanks a lot for this 👍

Joe Smith says:

hello! new subscriber here…
this looks great! this would probably be good with your egg roll recipe aswell! (^_^)

Bob McCormick says:

I've not cooked shrimp with the heads and shell still on, so I have a couple of questions before I try this recipe. What is the best way to cut the shell for deveining? Knife? Scissors? When you eat this dish, do you discard the head and shell, or do you consume them? I enjoy your channel and have tried a few of the recipes since subscribing. Thanks you for making such interesting and easy to follow videos.

Hazel B says:

This looks yummy….i'm a new subscriber…..and i just love the sound of your voice!! Thank you for nice video :-)

joshjaydah says:

Wow you done it again 👏🏼👏🏼 , when you reach 1 million subscribers don't forget your number 1 fan lol 👍🏻

Paivi Project says:

Oh yes yes. That's what I want. Thanks.  :)

ChaosKitchen51 - man n Kocht-essBar - says:

Hello my friend and thanks for sharing this wonderful dish, i like shrimp´s so much wow;
i wish you a wonderful weekend regard´s from Tom :)

Ayopaulyd says:

Ouuuu, that looks amazing!! I can't wait to try it out! 😋

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