THAI FOOD basil chicken fried rice

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Close for more Thai cooking video recipes. In this episode Dim and Cathy Geefay cook Thai basil chicken fried rice . Thai recipes, Thai ingredients, Thai cooking instructions included


nukhet ucin says:

I have a question .What is the size on that Wok???/
And where can I order it???
I loved the mother and daughter team.Great job

ocpd23 says:

my go to recipe for this, since I forget everything, even though the
american substitutions are not quite right.

Lee Soarez says:

Oh myyyy… the daughter… wicked hot WIFE MATERIAL!!!!!! I’m in love!!!

Laszlo Mezei says:


John Pick says:

Thank you. I enjoy onions in mine with a fried egg on top?

John Pick says:

Thank you. I enjoy onions in mine with a fried egg on top?

umm saleem says:

Hi i wanna ask how many minutes u cook the chicken for then u put the rice
in?n then how many minutes remainning before its all cooked together?is
that 35 minutes for the whole thing? Or its only just before we put in the
rice?thank you.its really nice video!:) 

srena rolly says:

Oily fried rice… way too much oil in it !!!! 

kanihs says:

omg.. I made this and it was so good.

Loli Pop says:

Looks YummY!

indierad says:

Love your recipes, I’ve made this dish with chicken & beef and they’ve both
been great!

todosbien says:

I assume it’s supposed to be thai basil? That didn’t look like thai basil!

Abdul Rokib says:

Really miss you and your mumaking thai cookig vids, i re watch the old ones

Sitim Ouk says:

Fry rice taste good thanks

robert rodriguez says:

very adorable the older lady,the way she explain the recipe and how she
prepared it.taste very good i think.thank you for sharing

WonderDean says:

Stunning! I was totally blown away by the flavors of this dish. Thanks!

Paulette Kurelordpai says:

Do you grow your the basil yourself? We need to email you for this chicken

المسيح هو ابن الله says:

U forgot the eggs :O

Five Nine says:

This is my fav dish Yum!!

SyfyNinja says:

I’ve done this exact recipe now at least 5 times and every single time it
tastes so good I want to sew my ass shut so that I can keep that Basil Thai
chicken fried rice with me for ever!!

Linda Colgan says:

hello, love your cooking videos. Just love the both of you great mom and
daughter team:) Have a wonderful day, Linda

Outdoor Cooling Systems says:

You might be thai but you are also a jerk! This recipe is delicious!

supergun khatcha says:

2คนนี้ทำอาหารไทยได้มั่วมาก อัตราส่วนมั่วสุดๆ แทนที่จะอร่อย

Thomas Mace says:

Just made this exactly as you show. It’s delicious and the flavor profile
is remarkably complex for such a simple set of ingredients. The smashed
Thai bird’s eye chilies create little explosions of heat and flavor. A big
squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of phrik nam plah round it out perfectly.
What a wonder food tradition. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

domcha131 says:

lord thank u for thai people, makes my life a zillion times better

kb27787 says:

“obliviously”? You know… sometimes I doubt you even know your own
language XD Your usage of google translate is laughable at best… since
everything you input comes out in polite form, leading to a weirded-out
sentence esp when you want to insult someone. (oh and some euphemisms dont
carry across translations) Look at all the Thai comments here and you will
see I’m not the only one. My point still stands; food targeted to Americans
automatically somehow taste worse than the original versions

swaybelly says:

That guy doesn’t understand it, he is the typical wanna-be food snob.

banky bank says:

ที่นั่นเขาไม่มีตะหลิวเหรอฮะ ???

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