Thai Dessert – Thai Tapioca Flour Noodle In Sweet Coconut Milk (Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti)

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Thai Dessert – Thai Tapioca Flour Noodle In Sweet Coconut Milk (Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti)

One more delicious Thai dessert which delicious and not difficult to make.


tansiri chimmai says:

apart from thai dessert there is an interesting place where located in asok. this let you played detective and practice youe logical thought.

NuminousChild says:

I thought her Lod Chong was too big. Not appetizing?

Fuzzy Hamster. says:

tapioca flour in title, but became rice flour when ingredients are shown. Which is it?
I was looking for how to get my tapioca noodles formed. Not rice.

Anna Yang says:

Can anyone tell me how much you get the flour and water from each flour??? or it is we just do how much we want from the flour???

On Knees for Jesus says:

Anyone else think her cooked dough was way too thick? The noodles look too hard once they cooled. She should have used less flour or more water.

Lotus Koi says:

Please email back how to make lime water, that is how much water and how much lime paste to make 400 ml lime water?  Your recipe didn't tell how.  It would be helpful for those like me who never use lime water before. Thank you.

Thuy Nguyen says:

Thank you .look good

cecescribbles says:

How much limestone paste do you use for 1 gallon of water?

oceaniaely says:

Where can we buy the lod chong presser?

jlee23vang says:

Thank you for the recipe. I'm going to make this for a birthday party.

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