Thai Convenience Store Food MUKBANG ● Fermented Pork & Spicy Cheesy Noodles

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This week we try convenience store food from Bangkok, Thailand. Our mukbang features jelly drinks, instant rice porridge, cheesy noodles, sausage waffles, spicy seafood strips, banana rice, wontons, uber sweet Hello Kitty candy & more! Grab your meal and let’s eat together 🙂

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Love Loveyy says:

Mina is a Pharaonic Egyptian King who united Egypt.


try having coffee next time to make your taste buds rest for some short time

Jasmine Lee says:

Love your emphatic, so well entertained.😊

Kei Slee says:

Actually, most of plastic covered goods must be microwaved first, including dumplings, sausage and waffle as well as sticky rice things.They does tastier than you think, maybe you can try them again if there is a chance. Love your video! <3

The Ralphies says:

OMG…. just found your Channel and subbed right away!! Awesome vids! Keep up the great work Miss Mina!! 😊😊😊

너ᅵ이트ᄃ아ᄉ니 says:

you must poop alot after eating all this food

Frank Phaengklom says:

OMG no the black sticky rice and spicy chicken is soooo good they probably didn't microwave it for you like you're supposed to do.

dacow95 says:

seaweed Pringles are delicious

Abeer zain.아 비어 슈아 이비 says:


Ping Chp says:

at 33:00 You have to microwave it first. The sticky rice will be soften.

Chris Bates says:

I am glad you did not put man some on the waffle sausage. Lol

Complexology4 44 says:


jersiey.dono.potato says:

every freakin morning in Thailand, I'd go to 7/11 to buy soy milk & steamed buns ;^; all the foods there were so freakin good <3

Duy Nguyen says:

how are you not fat.

Adeninad Channel says:

hi there from singapore,it is my first time watching yr video,u are adorable

Dennis Mitchell says:

why not put the name of the "residence" in notes ?? I'm going to chiang mai soon but may want to stay somewhere in Bangkok for first time .

Dennis Mitchell says:

funniest girl on youtube ! ! ! ! !

gabby 437 says:

My bff recommended this channel to me and howw does she afford to travel around? That's my dream im so envious rn

Roman Louis says:

so boring one so far

PE4CE 14 says:

Mina!!!! Have you ever thought about coloring your hair? You are absolutely gorgeous now, but I think you would look so amazingly different with a new color! You've been traveling and exploring all over the globe, you should really really explore a new color. What do you think about dying your hair a pretty pink??? That would come out so prettily on camera 😭 or maybe an ombré, that would fit your hair length and face tones so well. Or maybe something simple like blonde highlights. You should really really try something new, I think it would come out so pretty. What do you think?

Not HizRR says:

I had a choco pie 🙂

JJ83457 says:

I almost tried sniffing it (the fish looking stuff) after she said it smelled like cereal and put it close to the camera…

Carlos Fuentes says:

Whole different culture and snacks, but I'm kinda craving all of those right now.

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