Thai Airways Boeing 737-400 landings / takeoffs Koh Samui Airport 737-400

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Thai will replace their 737-400 operators in the near future.
All 5 fleet member at Koh Samui Airport / Thailand เกาะสมุย สนามบิน / ประเทศไทย
Boeing 737-4D7 landing and takeoff compilation.


skbenergy says:

what a cross wind 🙂 nice video

runsame . says:

die erste landung war krass hahahaha 😀

Jamlidd says:

Fantastic captures, great landing at the start !

mylosairplanefan says:

awesome video mate! was it a nice holiday?

skbenergy says:

nice 🙂 island greetings !

DRT official says:

Sorry war bisschen dumm von mir nicht zu sagen welche^^ Ich meine die erste

DRT official says:

Danke für deine Antwort 🙂

Ivo Brans says:

I’ve flown once from Samui to Bangkok with Bangkok Airways ATR-72-200 🙂

gameusedballs . says:

cool I subbed!

Schipholhotspot says:

great video nice to see all this crosswind fantastic

worapon namnien says:

คิดถึงเกาะสมุย มากเลย

leptir70 says:


DRT official says:

Kommts mir nur so vor oder ist die 737 sehr schnell reingekommen?

Aviatorspot says:

Great video! Is the airport near the town or beach? I subbed, sub back?

aftermath2 says:

Kho samui airport is owned by bangkok air .

박정후 says:


Human walk says:

Superb shot!! Great landing with crosswind…that’s cool..

River H says:

Its April 2014 and I just booked BKK to USM and they are still using the
old 737-400

Mourad Bendjeguelal says:


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