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Rice Balls in Sweet Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert) – ขนมบัวลอย (Bua Loy) [4K] A popular Thai dessert that everyone seems to be well known. In the old days, we make Bua Loy by using tapioca [More]
Sweet Sticky Rice in Banana Leave (Thai Dessert) – Kao Tom Mud ข้าวต้มมัด [4K] This Thai dessert is a folk’s knowledge because Thailand grown a lot of bananas and we use many parts of them [More]
Sweet Noodles in Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert) – Salim ซ่าหริ่ม Salim or mung bean noodles are Thai sweet that is popular in Thailand and can find in sweet street vendor. Mung bean noodles have multi [More]
Steamed Sweet Corn Cake (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Khao Phot ขนมข้าวโพด It is a Thai dessert that cannot found easily nowadays. This sweet is a one type of Thai steamed cake that using sweet corn [More]
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (Thai Dessert) – ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง (Khao Niew Ma Muang) [4K] A popular Thai dessert all time, many foreigners know this menu very well and also Thai people as well. A [More]
Sweet Banana Chips (Thai Dessert) – กล้วยฉาบ Another Thai dessert that is popular and exported around the World, sliced banana deep fried until golden brown and coated with sugar to make it more sweet and [More]
Learn how to make a Thai-Style Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Thai-Style Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe!
2 Cups Taro Paste 3 – 4 Cups Coconut Milk 1 Cup Glutinous Rice Flour 1 Cup Tapioca Starch 1 Cup White Sugar 1/4 – 1 /2 Tsp Salt 1 Cup Water or Coconut Juice [More]
I have finally developed the dish deserving of the name “Hot Thai Chicken”! This recipe has been simmering in my mind for a long time, and when I finally tested it out, it absolutely blew [More]