Sago in CoconuMilk with Corn (Thai Dessert) – สาคูเปียกข้าวโพด This Thai dessert is easily to do it at home, just several ingredients. Sago will be boiled until soft and put sweet corn and fresh pandan [More]
Yok Manee (Thai Dessert) – Sago in Pandan Juice ขนมหยกมณี This menu is a Thai traditional dessert that used sago and pandan juice for the main ingredient, originally making by white sago mixed with pandan [More]
[Thai Dessert] Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta – Go Sago Sai Haew) Ta – Go is a real traditional Thai dessert. This is a stirred kind dessert which made of flour, sugar, coconut milk [More]