Fruit Shaped Mung Beans (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Look Choup ขนมลูกชุบ A famous Thai dessert that has colorful and nice visual, many foreigners love it. Mung beans that make to fruit-shaped and coated with thin [More]
Sweet Mung Bean Porridge with Coconut Cream (Thai Dessert) – เต้าส่วน (Tao Suan) [4K] A basic recipe for Thai dessert, this menu is very easy to find in every Thai dessert shops in the street. [More]
I find out later that this recipe was influenced by marzipan recipe since the Kingdom of Ayutthaya (1350-1767), as same as Foy Thong and many other dessert that has the name Thong in it. It [More]