Over night train to Ko Samui

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I spent some time in Ko Samui whilst In was in Thailand and I travelled down there on the Train & Ferry Joint ticket purchased from a travel agent in Bangkok by a disreputable company called Songserm.

You leave Bangkok on the sleeper train and arrive at Surat Thani very early in the morning, you are then collected by Bus and taken to the Pier at Donsak and the Bus takes around an hour and the Ferry between 1.5hrs to 2hours across to Nathon Pier on Samui. It is quite a long trip so I chose the more expensive option and flew back to Bangkok afterwards abandoning my return ticket.

A tip: If you take this trip make sure you take all your valuables and important belongings on your person and never let any valuables in your case go in the hold of the huge Coach they use whilst you are being transported from Surat Thani to Donsak by Bus, the travel company Songserm has a really bad reputation and every week dozens of backpackers get targeted and valuables stolen on this trip as they open your baggage in the hold of the bus and steal stuff. Considering the long journey the best option is to use the Government Bus Services or better still fly instead if your budget can stretch.


Susana Maffin says:

Thanks for this video. Just looking at ways of getting to Koh Samiu. Great
help. Thanks again.

1292liam says:

nice one boyo

Nynke Gerritsen says:

Thanks for this video! How much did you had to pay extra to have the cabin
for your own?

Archh Angel says:

brilliant video, cheers. will be doing this trip but catching it from

Robert Ward says:

Great video paddy

Bernt Nielsen says:

Great video very informative. Keep them comming:)

thekickdem says:


blueboy bobbiej says:

Cheers for the video, will be getting the same train in a fortnight.

thekickdem says:

@rhiannonsarahxo I bought the tickets a week before I traveled in a travel
agent in Bangkok, I first took the overnight train up to Chiang Mai and
then afterwards flew to Bangkok and took this train down south to Ko Samui.
It is best to book the 1st class cabins early as they do sell out as
happened to me going north to Chiang Mai.

thekickdem says:

Yes, It had Air Conditioning.

thekickdem says:

@rhiannonsarahxo Songserm Travel are the Ferry Company which operate from
Donsak Pier to Ko Samui. The travel agency in Bangkok just booked me on
their service, they have a website but it is not functional,
songserm-expressboat [dot] com. You would need to book it through a travel
agent so just price around and be careful with your belongings. Seatran
ferry also service the route seatranferry [dot]com but again their website
is in Thai.

0123kid says:

how safe is it?

thekickdem says:

It was perfectly safe, the doors were lockable and it was fine. You do
however need to watch your belonging very carefully when you are on the bus
to the Pier as when your bags go in the hold underneath the coach they are
likely to be opened and valuables stolen. Carry all valuables, iphones,
cameras etc. on your person.

rhiannonsarahxo says:

Did you have to book the tickets beforehand, or could you buy then straight
away in bangkok?

savvyzoi says:

thank you for posting 🙂

0123kid says:

we are going to train going from Bangkok to Surat. then Bus to the Pier.
then Ferry to Samui.How long is each ride? we cant have our bags with us
inside the bus? we will just be back packing. oversize back packs. thanks
for the tips.

thekickdem says:

Just carry your valuables in a small bag with you inside the bus to be
safe. From Surat Thani train station is about a 1hr bus ride, and watch
your valuables carefully on this trip. The boat isn’t too long but I can’t
really remember as I fell asleep.

rhiannonsarahxo says:

@thekickdem Okay, I see you bought the ticket from a travel agent called
Songserm. Do they have a website in which i can book the tickets
beforehand? As i will be going straight to Koh samui from Bangkok.

Richard Barnes says:

nice one………I’m making the same journey in about 3 weeks. Its good to
get an insight of the first class cabin.

Cabin Yim says:

is there air conditioning?

Paul Jose says:

does the cabin have a power socket to charge my phone, laptop etc…?

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