Learn How to Make Pad Thai Recipe Video – Thai Fried Noodles with Peanuts

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Close Thai Recipes: How to Make Pad Thai Recipe Video – In this cooking video tutorial we show you how to make authentic Pad Thai. Pad Thai is not difficult to make but it has a lot of ingredient. For more information about Pad Thai and other Thai cuisine recipes, please visit on our web site.


Alex C says:

Looks so delicious

Bob Smith says:

Thank you for the clear video on how to make Pad Thai

Radha Chatterjee says:

Beautifully presented. easy too . thankyou so much

Thuggin Dug says:

very good and very clear instructions thank you and show us more.

swen hoppenkamps says:

u forgot , guichai and chiliflakes …

Anh Vũ says:

Where can I find Pad Thai sauce?

Phon Xieng (MrMuaythai84) says:

man this is why i go to the restaurant everytime i see a cooking channel all the bowls and instruction makes me run away

binkis doe says:

she is so pretty and seems very sweet. thanks for the vid.

MatTZI014 says:

1:22 "I USE THIS THING" LOOOL! It's called a mortar and pestle in English. In Spanish it's called a Molcajete! (Mohl-ka-heht-teh)

jaxzy415 says:

I love me some Pad Thai but I don't think I'm capable of actually making it myself kekeke I'll probably end up creating something else…thank you for the video 🙂 #drools  

John Kalasin says:

Me very hungry now, I going to make this soon though i prefer chicken to tofu

ujfalusik1 says:

That is fantastic! Thanks for upload. The lady is very very nice and so presize in description. I am gonna cook it tomorrow. I cant wait! What I remember from Thailand, that roasted cashew-nuts instead of peanuts were much better choice, I allways asked for a double portion of cashew nuts into it!

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