Landing in Bangkok Airport. Boeing 777-200. Thai Airways Flight TG322. Rolls Royce Trent Engine

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Landing after flight TG322 from Dhaka to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi


Raja Ram says:

Man !! your camera has turned an ordinary landing into a masterpiece of photography !! What camera is that for Pete's sake …superb.
It is so clear I got an ariel tour of Bangkok !!
BTW …..I love the plane's shadow from 3:22 and the plane chasing it and finally catching up with it at 4 :30 !

acid823 says:

nice and modern unlike its town… I have been wondering why they build outstanding airports when their town is absolutely the opposite. (I am not referring to the landmarks but to cleanliness, civic sense.) I assume it might be to give a nice impression from the word go

Brian fung says:

what airline is TG?

Venkatesh Babu says:

what colors do these aircraft have .. blue blends with the sky and it is difficult to see oncoming flights white blends with the clouds black blends with the clouds too brown blends with ground … what is the choice to really see oncoming flights…

Stacey Pettitt says:

does this plane have individual screens in economy?

zerberus500 says:

very nice taxiing into BKK!

THIS flight was in May 2015?

sonu ink says:

amazing ,"which one camera you using "

runsame says:

great video :)

Checkwalk Care says:

very long taxi

MBM says:

At 5:18 in the video, why is the Thai Airways plane on the left have it's marking/logo/name like painted off. Is there a reason for this?

louis cartman says:

Dear old swampy the greatest place on earth to arrive and the most depressing to leave

Mr.william El. says:

Good landing

Adisak Kuphanlam says:

amazing zoom…which camera?

Mauricio Ravilet says:

Very nice video… What camera do you use for this video_

Ace Buns says:

Nice landing!

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