Koh Samui adventures | Thailand Vlog Part 2

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Bec R says:

that is really sad the elephants being chained up I don't understand why people pay to go for a ride on them

Eloura Wild says:

Exactly, animals aren't here for us. I'm so glad you said something about the elephants.
I always mention veganism on my channel, I couldn't not <3 It helps spread awareness. Keep doing what you're doing babe! 🙂 I'm enjoying the videos.

Paris Anastasia says:

Your body in that first gym shot edyn!! Holy hell you're looking so good girl

Jacqui Rose says:

Fucking love jake he's so funny hah and your so pretty to your body is goals and I just love ur vlogs so much

Jacqui Rose says:

Looks so amazing omg

Emma de Kock says:

Isn't it a problem/ off putting when jake eats meat in front of u every day?? And do u think he will transform..

Carbs Are Happiness says:

Omg I've never had mango sticky rice! Looks phenomenal!!! You two seem to be having a great time :)

Jademsful says:

Looks like you guys are having a lovely time! Love watching your workout routines, gives me lots of inspiration! P.s I always thought jake was a vegan! 😮

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