How to Make Thai Peanut Noodles with Chicken

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is uber tasty and quite inexpensive! Enjoy!


ist klar says:

youre so lovely! Loved the video :D

Nikki Jones says:

Use sesame oil. The fish sauce was not necessary.

Ishijah1 says:

Kisses kisses kisses 

Natalia Espitia says:

Hola la verdad lo preparé y me quedo delicioso muuuuuuuchas gracias pero tengo una dudita q otros vegetales podríamos añadirle? 

RudyHHH says:

I was searching for fish taco technique and found your video on that. Today I was looking for Thai noodle technique and found this video. Looks great. The fish tacos were excellent. You do good work. Am checking out the website today. Good luck!

niam txiv says:

yummy yummy

The Frugal Chef says:

@candyberried That all sounds delicious! I will have to try it as well. I am happy you tried this out and it came out great! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

candyberried says:

Thanks for the video! Since you made it look so easy, I was able to try some variations and added minced basil and fish sauce to the marinade. I used chunky peanut butter similar to the CPK with bits of peanuts. and also garlic chili sauce and brown sugar instead of honey. Keep it up, love the vids!

The Frugal Chef says:

@irvinehouse YAY! I am so happy to hear this! I also love these! Thank you so much for letting me know!

Lisa says:

Made this recipe tonight and it was a hit with the whole family. I'll definitely make this again. Thanks for sharing!!!

The Frugal Chef says:

@markiemarkstyle Awesome! I am happy it worked out and thank you so much for letting me know! Have a great day!

Harry Weinberg says:

I made this yesterday! I used a little bit too much peanut butter, but for the leftovers I'll just stir in some water and it'll be fine. I also couldn't find fish sauce but I figured it wasn't a big deal 😀

The Frugal Chef says:

@jumpinjacksflash It certainly does smell good . . . 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

The Frugal Chef says:

@Pad929 Thank YOU! I appreciate you coming by!

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