Hot Thai Chicken! – Fried Chicken in Sweet Chili Lime Sauce

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I have finally developed the dish deserving of the name “Hot Thai Chicken”! This recipe has been simmering in my mind for a long time, and when I finally tested it out, it absolutely blew me away. The perfect mix of sweet, tart, spicy, sticky, crispy and tender…this sweet chili lime sauce would be good even on fried tofu or fish. This one is a must-try!

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Richard Debideen says:

oh kool I jus love yr videos I made a couple things came out great keep up the great work and keep these wonderful vids coming.

Richard Debideen says:

hey pailin wats dat in English u say wen yr videos start jus curious. btw great vid.

Fisheye lens says:

i just watched a couple of your videos for the first time today.. i must say that they are well done,
All meat and no filler, easy to follow and all look tasty
i think i will try to replicate this one maybe this Canada Day weekend
Keep up the good work i look forward to more great original recipes

Are you married ???? lol

mister who says:

can I use fresh green chilli for the sauce instead of dried chilli?

adam ker-lindsay says:

good stuff as always i will try it tomorrow. Yum Yum

Ricardo Alvarado says:

No words… Lol :)

Charita Boonlong says:

I'll definitely make this recipe ka P'Pai 🙂 It looks soooo delicious!

Aarti V says:

Thank you for this recipe it looks yummy😋😋😋

akira vue says:

is there anything I can sub for corn starch or not add it to the recipe? I'm allergic to corn sadly.

Afriya Foxworth says:

were do you get boneless chicken thighs

Kirby Kat says:

I'm so glad that your video showed up in my recommended section. I hit subcribe like after 10s of you talking. You're so talented and sweet by the way you talk and cook. I'm definitely gonna try your recipe and cross my finger that it'll turn out as well as yours!

winnie chilton says:

look good sound good. i want to try some.

Keenan Cabrera says:

Hi Pai! I've been a huge fan of Thai food since I was a kid but it's always seemed very intimidating to make at home. I never realized how accessible most of the dishes I grew up craving/ordering at Thai restaurants are to amateur cooks until I started watching your videos! My grandparents are visiting right now so I cooked this and gave them khao niew mamuang for desert. It was a hit! Thank you so much for your informative and easy-to-follow videos!

On the topic of this amazing chicken, I have a question for you. The sauce is AMAZING. Like, incredible. While I was frying my chicken I stole at least 20 licks with my finger from the sauce pot. I can see myself putting this sauce on everything — tofu, stir-fry vegetables, or even just eating it with rice. Do you think there's any way I could make a large quantity, bottle it, and store it (more or less indefinitely) in the fridge? Or will it not keep? Thanks again!

jee sean says:

chinese call this dish as 3-taste chicken, haha delicious~~~~

Sweet SHINee lover ChioNan says:

i must try cooking this.

saraxx98 says:

could you add a bit of fish sauce in the egg and cornstarch for extra flavour in the chicken?

K Noeth says:

OMG, I made it for a few friends last night. Served it with jasmine rice and a side of Thai cucumber salad, it all went together so well. Thank you, Pai for creating and sharing this incredibly delicious recipe. We literally inhaled and savored every bite of it.

Jennifer Kok says:

You are so funny!! I will try it!! :)

WC says:

Personally, I would opt for potato starch (with cornstarch) over white flour, then fried twice. Potato starch helps create a lighter and crispier texture than flour.

rambo nee says:

love it ผมชอบมากเลย

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