Hard Landing at Koh Samui Airport Thai Airways Boeing B737-400 [BKK-USM]

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Sorry, I had to replace the original soundtrack with some of Youtube’s free music due to Copyright issues. I apologize for any inconvinience

August 15, 2009 – 15 August 2009

Hard Landing at Koh Samui International Airport! Thai Airways Boeing 737-400. I apologize for the mistake in the beginning: it’s ‘TG’ and not ‘PG’

Harte Landung in Koh Samui. Thai Airways Boeing 737-400. Ich möchte mich für den Fehler am Anfang des Videos entschuldigen! Es heisst ‘TG’ und nicht ‘PG’.

(C) by Jaluwi Productions


ads seh says:

When your plane goes “sideways” then and only then you can name video “hard
landing”. lol Happened to us on same rute

TheLuxdiver says:

Geile Landung gut gefilmt

bysmichael says:

Ok. Thanks!

CMob09 says:

Brings back memorys of holiday, oh well !

Jaluwi Productions says:

”Again (Instrumental)” by Secrets in Stereo. (As seen if you click “show
more”) Have a look at my channel!

bysmichael says:

What’s the song called?

matthiashaenni says:

Cool clip!

tottui15 says:

Thai airways use code TG. PG is Vangkok airways’s code.

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