Gordon Eats Thai Spicy Sausage – Gordon Ramsay

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From season 2 of Gordon’s Great Escape. For the second series, Gordon goes back on the road doing what he loves most: searching out the best food in the world and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. This time he’s not just taking on one country, his appetite for adventure will take him through four of South East Asia’s most exciting culinary destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In this clip Gordon learns how to make a Thaispicy sausage


CirqueDuCloud says:

Well, at one point in time intestines were used as condoms.

lovejoypain says:

Ha ha. That woman is right to be suspicious of him. That’s right, protect
your recipe and don’t let the usual people steal and make money off it.

Yan Tang says:

No, no, no, I’m not going to sell them at home. And then he does. Gordon
Ramsay, lying liar. And to think I the previous video I watched was Ramsay
saying how much he hates liars. Well, self loathing would explain a lot
about this man.

Felix Martono says:

Thai sausage…hehehhe

FunOfTheChase says:

“She’s the sausage queen”, to which she replied “I’m not Giada De

NegraMonroe says:

Kinda sad, that the first thing she thinks about a white guy is “he is
gonna steal from me and make a profit in his land”. Glad to see she could
get a laugh later on though.

suncu91 says:

Now lets put a little meat into my spices

sazji says:

I’m surprised that he would be put off by intestine – he doesn’t have to go
as far as Thailand to see the most typical sausage casing in the world!

ukno918 says:

The one time Gordon is relatively respectful. 

steven yau says:

the casing is not cleaned properly!!
should be white if it was cleaned thoroughly

Mycal James says:

Your a great chief R.I.P

jake hobbs says:

No! I won’t sell it at home… I will just put the directions on youtube
for the whole world to see!!!!!!!

Ragekage says:

lol “shes definitely the sausage queen”

Jonodude0 says:

Lol he wants the recipe so he has to work for it! Seems just to me 

kaiwen he says:

I wanna see Gordon go eat Jiro 3 star sushi in Tokyo 

Davis Sawali says:

“She’s definitely the sausage queen.” – Chef Gordon Ramsay

Crosstongue says:

I find it very refreshing to see Gordon this way. I can see he respects the
cultures and the way other cultures cook their food

Roguemember says:

Looks like he isn’t so perfect after all. Maybe those ladies should’ve
yelled at him and embarrassed him on national TV and make Gordon say “Yes!

agonise says:

hahaha i cracked up when she laughed at ramsay… 

GoldenbanjoDJ says:

the one person to laugh at gordon ramsay

Scott Doster says:

Chef Gordon Ramsay, I am Chef for “The Dukes Asia Com. Ltd.” in Chiang Mai.
” I make Thai Sausage for (The River Market Rest.), Italian Sausage & Pizza
Sausage for The Dukes 1, 2, 3 & Ragu Rest. here & would love you & your
family as a dinner guest @ any of the 6 Rest. On me.

Timothy Kessler says:

white trash should stick to their Junk food instead.

Bowbert says:

You just gotta love the thumbnail with a puking Ramsay.

caerulea0 says:

The spicy Chiang Mai sausage is absolutely delicious, I’d travel all the
way back to Thailand just for the street food in northern Thailand! 

Max VanHyning says:

That’s a great laugh she has.

paddymoep says:

“She’s definitely the sausage queen”

MrBooboonator says:

looks like ramsay isnt as bad ass as he shows he is 😛 good stuff Gordon
good stuff

meroguasa says:

You can just go to Portland and talk to Andy Ricker … Just saying

PoisonAlienful says:

thats what you get to be a non-vergetarian. Fucking eating the parts of
where poop travels. I am happy to be vegetarian. Good bye. Have a nice day

Louis-Philippe Nault says:

i think gordon never applied condoms…. XD

Reece Howard says:

She’s the sausage queen ;)

Donovan Martinez says:

What alot of people dont understand is that Gordon is just a person like
you and I. His hell kitchen persona is just that…a persona. Does his
personality include a pompous loud mouth in yourface asshole? Yes, but when
he goes into someone else kitchen and just everyday life hes a nice
respectful person unless you give him reason not too 


ไส้อั่ว is awesome !

Haramachi Chichioya says:

Oh, damnit. I really love you very much after I’m watching this video. Chef

fatpigiam says:

Incredibly wealthy rich white chef goes to third world and steals local
recipe. How low can you go Ramsey?

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