Far Flung Floyd – Thai Buffet Feast and Papaya Salad

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Floyd at his most enthusiastic!


SuperChunderpants says:

I think you have taken his excitement and mistaken it for bad manners.

regina kearns says:

he will always be the most inspiring chefs i have ever seen! so full of genuine passion.

vanishingpoint80 says:

Great thing about Floyd was he really did enjoy, appreciate and understand different cultural food regardless of his brash nature that may sometimes have come across on tv.
Unlike Gordon Ramsey who just comments openly about his disgust by some cultures eating habit's as well as their english in trying to explain to the foreigner ,in their country, what the food is.

Redraw4444 says:

He did seem to be a bit of an obnoxious, drunken pitbull, snarling at the production staff and appeared aloof and unconcerned with people surrounding him, however his TV show was reasonably revolutionary for the time, these places were far flung in the 70's and 80's when commercial flights were not as discounted as they are now, his insight into these countries culture and their eating habits are pretty invaluable.

timandahaf says:

where have all the Far Flung Floyd episodes gone ? 🙁

philchips says:

Rude bastard!

Duncan Casey says:

Love it! Thank you so much for posting this!

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