Crystal Bay Beach – koh samui, Thailand

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On this day we have breakfast and relax for the morning/afternoon on Crystal bay beach resort on the island of koh samui in Thailand.
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Brenzinger says:

Love this sunglasses. Thumb up !!

David Adams says:

you are a true artist, in every way my friend

Olivier Godfroid says:

Crystal beach is very nice beach in Samui, i wait next time to get to Samui the 06/04/17……yeahhhhhh….

Paul Sinnott says:

Where did It all go right?555 great vlog

Mime Artiste says:

Last words:Find what you love & let it kill you! very wise words just like Jon Philips loved his Sunny Vlogs but then got really boring to almost none-sense! Now he's trolling accounts having conversation with himself. Which is killing any credit he may have had!!!!

Al Mohr says:

Best beach!! Love that place!
Love the channel. Will be coming to Lamai on the 20th from Canada. Maybe run into you and have a beer.

Sean smith says:

Hahaha,, good one mate,,

a. t. says:

So glad to see my best vlogger out there again.,,,my gf and I missed u guys so muchhhhhhh,,,,how much longer r ya gonna stay in Thailand

Leigh Keats says:

Boomerang nice one

Leigh Keats says:

Boomerang nice one

Here,s Harv says:

You know in Australia if they don't come back we call them a Stick 🙂 You know I love Samui and I love your stories mate. I' actually told your story about your mate and the ladyboy where he threw up Today, Our universe has collided today my friend. If I can watch your vids and keep smiling for months? your'e doing me a favor. Keep your stories coming mate 🙂

Robert Mergaert says:

And there those who wear sunglasses to large for their face, bless them. Love the beach scene, frolicking in the surf, fantastic!

rwt rwt says:

Paul I'm hating you right now,hehehehehe.I guess I better explains,we'll I'm sitting in the Toronto area and it's -7 with the wind chill.You show this video of a beautiful beach,I guess that enough the gym I see in the video,is that where the old fart sings the stone tunes at.Take Care and say hi to Jenny for me.

Brian Rutherford says:

great video Paul. keep it going lol

candy man says:

Another great vlog. You have a hard life but someone has to do it… 😎

Colin Blowin says:

Hi bud that teacher story reminds me of the great George Best being asked by a hotel night porter delivering bottles of champagne "where did it all go wrong Georgie" he looked over his shoulder into the bedroom and the reigning Miss world was lying naked on top of 20k cash he won that day on the gee gee's.

The Life of Tony says:

Lovely video, Paul. What a great day you had. No shortage of massage shops there, is there? Talk about competition.
Really like the music in your vlogs, by the way. Just perfect. Sláinte!

Gazza Sweden says:

another cool vlog, thx for the music links too. thumbs up bro.

Bas C says:

hahaha i bet she was back to hit him in the head just like when an amateur throws a boomerang…

johnny jay says:

100 Baht for a haircut! You've been robbed mate! I paid 40 Baht for mine in Chaiyaphum. 5555555555

YaAllah says:

i guess the floods were in southern Thailand , hope everything is fine there ….
the music was excellent and a lovely video as usual…

zegikniet ook niet says:

Nice video,how is the wheater doing stil a lot of rain?

Dad&Daves AmazingAdventures says:

Love it Paul. And who would have thought. ICE IN BEER. haha. cheers mate. Paul. Just so different, quality man. Go the HARV….Great bloke. 🙂

Gareth Matthewson says:

You've done it again great video man ☘️☘️☘️

Worldwide Willie says:

Great vlog, love the reggae music in the background.

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