Chaweng noi Beach koh samui 19th Feb.07

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end of chaweng noi beach.
near Impiana resort.


sebbef says:

in 22 april i am going to the gothenburg airport(landvetter)i am start the
travel in a airplan,then i am landing in stockholm,a new airplan again then
i travel to bangkok,im landing there then i am gonna live with my mothers
brothers wife family(its my family too lol)i am going to live in their poor
village in 2 weeks lol they are playing football and many more things
there,then after that 2 weeks i am going to travel to koh samui in 2 weeks
there i cant wait 🙂 22 april – 22 may

warmechocolademelk says:

I’m going to koh samui!

tessron says:

Going there soon! Love it!

JetJockey87 says:

no, not really.. Just the people who have it don’t share. Otherwise the
Howleys come and take away whats good… I’ll give you a tip: The second
most isolated capital city on Earth…

scottjroth says:

There Dec 2007 it’s heaven on earth….

Tour Guide SOMA samui says:

I went there on 19th Feb. this year, middle of Jan, March and April was
very beautiful. I recommend travel in March and April. before thai new
year. it’s very very hot season, but the beach and sky is very blue!

adamrope21 says:

loved it check out the club called green mango wen u r there

keriyj says:

awesome !!!

smigacz says:


TheWeeaboo says:

@JetJockey87 what are you on about ? lol there are no surfers in samui

TheWeeaboo says:

@peakmera11 So its a shit place now in your opinion? then by all means stay
away. We dont like negative people that whine like little babbies the
instant you meet them 🙂

TimDaLlama says:

I was there in July 2006. B-e-a-utiful

JetJockey87 says:

Its like an outsider basically. Its a surfer term, surfers are notoriously
teritorial . If you’re looking for a great holiday destination or even a
good place to live, come join us in paradise in Western Australia. Perth is
the only major city in the entire western state (which is half of the

Du Nico says:

Samui still a great place to party and the beaches, still great, c ya on
the beach

fgall says:


walternally2007 says:

best place in the world !! Loved it

Joseph Obdami says:

I spent a week in Koh Samui thirty years ago and it was fantastic. Back
then, there were just a couple of tourist hotels. The main accomodations
were family run affairs dotted around the island featuring little grass
roof huts right on the beach. From what I gather, its more like Cancun.
Paradise is becoming harder and harder to find. 🙂

Vipu88 says:

im going there in march 1month trip:)

allgoodnamesaretakn says:

Lived there for a couple years. Best time of my life. Hope to retire there
some day.

Tour Guide SOMA samui says:

@Ronaldinha1010101010 This video took next to Saraan Resort. But I
recommend Newstar Resort.

vxphsycoxv says:

I was there !!!

amigooo77 says:

i been there many time, & i visit many country & i think samui it the best
place in world. & i really miss green mango & full moon party ,,OMG ,,i
really cant wait im going in august

x2oamiio7x says:

was there on that beach.. billiant!

sagemalmit says:

company+work permit only 35000bath for more info go to dragonnet.pytalhost.

Joseph Obdami says:

I love Australians. They have got to be the coolest, happiest people on the
planet. Wonderful people!!!!!!!!

Am0rPHiA says:

was there august 15 to 25, AWESOME, going back there next year!!

CosmicTwillight says:

Dont go to chaweng beach stay away from this shithole u cant sit there
5mins without geting bothered from some beachsellers they are very rude !
..the beach is awesome but the people are not nice there !

TheWeeaboo says:

@somasamui its always a hot season ^^

Joseph Obdami says:

What’s a Howley?

biaskatergirl says:

yes 😉

bleky350 says:

nora beach resort it was tops!!!!!!!!!!!

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