Chaweng Beach Koh Samui Thailand Mall & Redlight Area

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Wolfgang Huschka says:

Hy, which hotel did you stay there, can you recommend one, go first time to samui in 7 weeks. regards

acajudi100 says:

Charles Schwab does not charge ATM fee, and pays interest debit cards, but you must open in the USA. Get 2 seperate accounts, in case something happens to one card, and also notify them of your travels, so they will not close down your card.
Thank you.

Scuba Tom says:

When I was there a redlight area did not exist.They are screwing up my paradise as I remember.

Geoffrey Rose says:

Bangkok Bank will give you 25000 x 2

londonmark6969 says:

Always with the fucking dentist lol 😀

Tim Colling says:

do you have to pay 220B to take your money out of your own bank????

Alex ,david Rustigini says:

Hi not all of us are bad from uk . Stuff the trolls

Nick Riley says:

I don`t mind Chaweng. Its a nice enough place for a while but I wouldn`t want to be in a hotel there. For me the best thing to do is stop in a nice hotel thats not a million miles from somewhere thats a busy tourist trap so theres some fun night life and live band bars to visit. And for a tourist we all need some tat shops to buy stupid dick shaped ornaments for friends back home.
Stay around Choeng Mon for the hotel then its nice and quiet but only 10 mins in a taxi to Chaweng. Fishermans village is only 10-15 mins the other way. Fishermans village is a lot nicer and more chilled than Chaweng.

I`m back at Choeng next feb 🙂

Golden Rich says:

hope you have a good time

Lancashirelad says:

I stayed in Lamai beach May 2005. Bit quieter there but was damned hot in May.

Pete The Meat says:

Go on cracker, get yourself down to Pattaya, those vlogs would be real fun

Rick Domanski says:

Hey Greg, very helpful. You mentioned earlier something about the equipment you use to stabilise, is it from DJI? I think I'm going to pull the trigger and buy the new DJI drone to fly around Asoke

Dave says:

An economy that has grown on nothing but tourism.

Garry Mac says:

Place looked quiet for a red light area. U should've taken out the pent up frustration of 2 months sleeping alone by wearing out a worn out short time friend…!!

adesades01 says:

Thanks for touring the Chaweng bargirl areas, they love listening to bust up stories too.

william says:

You gotta have nerve to walk through a red light area with a camera.

Big Newelly says:

Did you participate? lol

Nick Gillon says:

Thanks for the clip Twitchy. Gives me something to watch for a few minutes.
Cheers mate.

Michael Hewlett says:

Good to see your ok,make the best out of a bad job.Looks like im in trouble on Monday arrive Chiang Mia,heat

reggieinsamui B says:

I remember when the Ark Bar was just a shack and no rooms!!!!!! (1998) if you go to have a beer in the ark bar say hi to Mario, the owner nice fella, tell him Reggie be there in 2 weeks

reggieinsamui B says:

out the back of the green mango lots and lots of thai food places

Aussie Outlaw says:

GO to Kamahla would be a HOOT

userwl2850 says:

next stop Greg…….. pattaya 😉 go and have some fun time. it's one of the benefits of being single.

don gilroy says:

remember when chaweng used to be a dirt rd a couple of bars,cocnut plantations and fishing 7-11s or much western food..oh the good old days..

allan fenwick says:

Thanks for the tour, remind me not to go there, guess I'm too old for that sort of shit.

karle5quire says:

Mate, seriously just enjoy yourself. I love your vlogs.

Bobby K says:

Whats that place thats got the Aussie sign with Bondi on it ? Ok the night time video answered my question, its a hotel .

David Pursel says:

Of course the girls don't like being filmed, hahahaha. Half, or more of them are on the dating sites pretending to be 'good girl'!

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