Thai Dessert Recipes : How to make Dumplings in Coconut Cream Recipe
Full recipe at (Xem cong thuc day du tai) ► GET MY COOKBOOK here: ► Items in my kitchen and pantry Subscribe for more videos: Join me on other social media [More]
Met Khanun (Thai Dessert) – Thai Bean Paste เม็ดขนุน [4K] This Thai dessert is always served in set with Thong Yip, Thong Yoy and Foi Thong. The main ingredients are mung bean, duck egg yolk [More]
Rice Balls in Sweet Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert) – ขนมบัวลอย (Bua Loy) [4K] A popular Thai dessert that everyone seems to be well known. In the old days, we make Bua Loy by using tapioca [More]
Steamed Banana Cupcake (Thai Dessert) – เค้กกล้วยหอมนึ่ง This menu is a plain banana cupcake but making by steaming method, not ordinary baking. It is a recipe for people who do not have oven at home [More]
Sweet Sticky Rice in Banana Leave (Thai Dessert) – Kao Tom Mud ข้าวต้มมัด [4K] This Thai dessert is a folk’s knowledge because Thailand grown a lot of bananas and we use many parts of them [More]
Sweet Noodles in Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert) – Salim ซ่าหริ่ม Salim or mung bean noodles are Thai sweet that is popular in Thailand and can find in sweet street vendor. Mung bean noodles have multi [More]
[Thai Dessert] Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta – Go Sago Sai Haew) Ta – Go is a real traditional Thai dessert. This is a stirred kind dessert which made of flour, sugar, coconut milk [More]
Steamed Sweet Corn Cake (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Khao Phot ขนมข้าวโพด It is a Thai dessert that cannot found easily nowadays. This sweet is a one type of Thai steamed cake that using sweet corn [More]
How many Thai desserts have you tried? In this video, I show you the amazing world of Thai desserts beyond mango and sticky rice! Join me at a weekend market in Bangkok and let’s explore [More]
Crispy Lotus Blossom Cookie (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Dok Jok ขนมดอกจอก Another Thai dessert that name comes from natural. Dok Jok is a water plant growing in South East Asia country. If you have brass [More]
Thai Pandan Custard (Thai Dessert) – สังขยา (Sangkhaya) [4K] Thai pandan custard is a popular sweet and you can see in every coffee shop at night. Just steaming bread and nice smell of pandan leaves [More]