Authentic Tom Yum Soup Recipe | Thai Recipes by Mark Wiens (มาร์ค วีนส์)

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Thai tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง) is one of the most widely available and loved dishes in Thailand. Check out my full Thai tom yum soup recipe here:

At nearly every Thai restaurant you go to, both in Thailand and outside of Thailand, there will be some form of tom yum on the menu. Tom yum is really like a mix of different ingredients, all boiled together into a soup, and flavored with a trio of Thai herbs: lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves. Without this trio of herbs, tom yum (ต้มยำ) would not have that earthy undertone of herb flavor to it. Sure the other ingredients, like chilies, shrimp, onions, garlic, fish sauce, and lime juice are also essential in this recipe, but without the trio of herbs, you wouldn’t have an authentic version of this soup.

So anyway, it’s actually quite easy to make this Thai tom yum soup recipe as long as you have all the ingredients available. I was in the United States a few months ago, and I was able to find all the ingredients at the local Asian supermarkets – so hopefully you should have any trouble finding them either.

If you’ve eaten Thai tom yum soup before, you might already know that there are two different versions of the dish – there’s a creamy version, which in Thai is known as tom yum goong nam khon (ต้มยำกุ้งน้ำข้น) and there a clear version which is known as Tom yum goong nam sai (ต้มยำกุ้งน้ำใส). Both types of soup are equally common in Thailand, and they are both loved throughout the country. The creamy version of the soup, doesn’t use coconut milk to make it creamy, but rather evaporated milk is what gives it that creaminess. You can try both versions of this recipe to see which one you prefer. Overall, I personally prefer the clear version, partly because it’s less rich, and I also like that the sourness and spiciness of the clear soup is usually stronger. Milk tends to mellow out the flavors and calm them down. However, I like both versions of tom yum, and you should try them both. I’m using shrimp in this recipe, making tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง), but you can substitute shrimp for something else, like chicken or fish. I also really love tom yum made with fish as it gives the soup a beautiful oily fish flavor to it.

One of the things I love about making Thai tom yum soup is that it doesn’t take very long to prepare. If you have all your ingredients available, all you have to do is slice everything up, put on your pot of boiling water, let the ingredients cook, and once your shrimp and other ingredients are done, the soup is done.

Probably the most important time I can give you for this Thai tom yum soup recipe is to turn off the heat of the soup before you add your lime juice. Lime juice gets bitter and loses its sourness on too high of a heat, so you have to turn off your heat and then add your lime juice for your final step.

Ingredients used in this recipe:
2 liters of water
4 stalks of lemongrass
1 inch chunk of galangal
10 kaffir lime leaves
10 Thai chilies
5 cloves of garlic
½ kilo shrimp
300 grams of oyster mushrooms
2 roma tomatoes
2 white onions (medium sized)
2 teaspoons of sugar
8 – 12 tablespoons of fish sauce (depending on your taste)
8 – 12 tablespoons of lime juice (10 – 15 limes)
Handful of cilantro

Creamy tom yum version
3 tablespoons canned Thai roasted chili sauce (nam prik pao น้ำพริกเผา)
10 tablespoons evaporated milk
Taste test, you may need to add more lime juice or fish sauce as the milk and roasted chili sauce throws off the sourness and saltiness.

Full recipe here:

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Tastemade says:

Thumbs UP if you agree with +Mark Wiens that Tom Yum is one of the best
soups in the entire world! Love this video Mark—those prawns look epic!

potofgold07 says:

You deserve a show on lonely planet!

caribbeanpot says:

+Mark Wiens love the cooking videos. Quick question. What does a
traditional or typical Thai kitchen look like? I notice you use those open
ring stove and where you cook seems to be a sort of outdoor area. Are the
kitchens more or less an indoor/outdoor space? I know is some cultures the
kitchen tends to be a separate building from the main living (house) area.

April Vang says:

This is interesting! More cooking vids please!! Maybe something on bean
thread noodles and stir frying??? Thanks ;)

GRRRL TRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa says:

Nice video. It’s amazing how Tom Yum Goong is such a national soup that
foreigners love. Always curious about what the ingredients were (but too
lazy to research it), like that red chili paste speckles floating on my

Bill Pong says:

highly informative and well shot and edited video !!!!
all ingredients displayed clearly, chopping, cutting, and brewing actions
are well filmed too. the video answers alot of questions without a single
word. narration is greatly appreciated, and additional footnotes make a
big difference in preventing alot of mistakes.
well done mr. wiens !!!
food network next… or is that alittle TOO PRETENTIOUS for you !?!?!?!?

Andreev Andrei says:

Indeed, this soup if my go-to in any asian food restaurant if they serve

Danial Roslan says:

Mark i really love your videos. You should be hosting a food and travel

Sascha Baker says:

Dude, it’s midnight here. I can’t cook right now. I’m hungry!

Janice Teo says:

Two thumbs up! This is A REALLY authentic tom yum recipe – except I would
use the thick coconut milk at the end instead of evaporated milk. Still,
it’s a really authentic recipe. Thanks Mark!

betchay ramos says:

thank you and i will try this recipe…cheers to all your blogs!

Janice Chang says:

I would love to try this! I might put in some noodles too. :)

sy le says:

I’m a huge fan of Tom Yum

icy2527 says:

FYI,authentic/old styled Tom Yum doesn’t have mushroom, tomato,onion or
chilli paste .Modern version of Tom Yum have been evolved by Thai chef who
would like to present it to westerner who like creamy soup and some veggies
in it .
Another version of Tom Yum is called Tom Klong (ต้มโคล้ง) which is like
clear broth old styled Tom Yum but added some shallots,grilled/fried dried
chilis and substituted lime with tamarind paste . The ultimate Tom Klong is
dried and grilled sheath fishes Tom Klong or chicken with tamarind leaves
Tom Klong. Ask your wife about ต้มโคล้งปลากรอบ or
ต้มโคล้งไก่บ้านใบมะขามอ่อน ,they’re worth dying for . 

renee warren says:

Beautiful thank you so much… ive been trying to figure out for months how
to make the creamy tom yum… 

Honey Pie says:

By the way you can use coconut milk might taste better!!

Nigel Ponsonby smythe says:

Onions too big, use small onions.

simas zaidimas says:

could i use red curry paste from another of your videos for this soup?

Lina French says:

I’ve never had tom yum before. But it looks incredibly yummy. I will
definitely try making this dish 

Sam G says:

Have you ever tried coconut milk instead of the carnation milk?
Tom Yum is the best soup I have ever had. each time I have it it just gets
Tomorrow I;m going to visit my favorite Thai place, maybe I’ll marry the
chef, she’s spicy

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this week:))

Shana Lemons says:

Hi Mark! I love tom yum..thank you so much for a easy recipes…love your
smile as always!!!

Tom Ato says:

Good job! 🙂
I prefer this style of video to the one you are talking while cooking.

Swadhin Nanda says:

AWESOME! Though, if we leave the prawns to cook for long, wont it turn
rubbery and chewy?

anjaleeta mataitini says:

I can’t wait to make this. Looks delicious. Thank you Mark 

Joaquim Carvalho Lim says:

Imagine how awesome they would be if you could use the giant river prawns

Sam G says:

Try making the Tom Yum soup with the
Chicken intestines that you had on
Street Meat in Chiang Mai (& Don’t Do What I Did)

Ha ha just kiddin,, that would be nasty

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