ASMR: Pad Thai Noodles *EATING SOUNDS* Mukbang

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Pad Thai Lunch Special is the best thing ever!!!

Who doesn’t love a good Lunch Special. I got this meal for $10 and it came with BEEF PAD THAI, steamed white rice, side salad and a crispy wonton. $10 is a bit high for lunch specials compare to other Thai restaurants, but the food was delicious so it was worth it.


…Because it’s an ASMR video ^_^. Some people find eating sounds and whispering relaxing.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.

…Because I want the viewers to focus on the eating sounds and not my face.


Chrystal Kanu says:

Idk if anyone has said this but I appreciate you moving your head out of the frame when you were smacking. I know it was intentional and it was very appreciated. Love the sounds but would hate to see someone actually smacking with their mouth open, so thank you lol :)

Akif Norsh says:

this is gross

arsn tn says:

Eat Carbo with Carbo, its my fav to yo

Paula Tristan says:

I think it would be easier to have napkins rather than a big old towel

Tiffany 65 says:

Am I the only one asking this why is she whispering?

Sarah Allen says:

Idk why it's so unsettling to me seeing people eat Thai food with chopsticks

Kahetra HD says:

the first 3 mins i was like use the sauce!! D^:<

night owl says:

Girl you're great! Sound set up is awesome even gets the thin crispy lettuce you're eating!

Dianne Bell says:

you eat to much

Dianne Bell says:

that looks good were you get ot

Chorvy P says:

Eating it is soothing, but the swishing it around is, nasty. Lol, but some people eats that way. Looks yummy!! 😉

‫رآفَضٍيَہ ۆآلُہيَبْہ تٌسطًر‬‎ says:


Kevin 56728 says:

pad thai is dank

Yo Mama says:

This is the BEST asmr pad Thai video, love it.

texasofmyheart says:

why do you make a point to say "room temperature water"?

Jeremiah McAnelly says:

How come you whisper

Tess's hairstyle stop says:

This is torture for me as pad Thai is my favourite 😩

Jane Uyesato says:

Yeah, the food tastes better when you eat like
that. Makes me hungry and want to eat like you do. Keep it up. You're my favorite.

Krixari Lynn says:

Your ASMR videos have quickly become my favorite. Your personality, the way you eat, and the mic quality are amazing! Keep it up :)

Kailea Laserna says:

What restaurant is this from? It looks amazing😩

Emily Xoxo says:

In all you videos you whisper???

larissa henaman says:

You have horse teeth

Tay Vee says:

That looks so bomb! Lol the way you eat it to makes me hungry all the time 😂😊

iAdrianne says:

Can you give me some pleasee?? 😂 I want noodles 🍜 . 😫

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