All Kinds of Pad Thai Noodles Cooked on the Streets of Bangkok, Thailand Street Food

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Faheem magan says:

this is in 4k! why didn't anyone say? loving it..

Nitha princes says:

woow look so yummy

Angel Chai says:

tengo hambre!!

Danavek86 Tuniwov says:


Alessio Prada says:

So messy!

Mad Mick says:

Bring two of those over to London UK around Tower Bridge and you'd make a fortune with the city trade. There's not much decent clean fast food well priced around the area. Any portable noodle company will be a fortune -londons crying out for this foodstuff

amoxintubeu says:

Did he put a soy sauce in Pad Thai?

nahid roty says:

I want to eat … day in Sha allah hummmm

gtccold says:

What a jerk, you gave 500 bill for a 50 baht dish. She was pissed.

Arjaycelia1 Ong says:


Lainey Fabriccio says:

its like watching the sims cook, just shuffle it round the stove and make it look like you are doing stuff when all along they are just show people

who ami says:

Health department going to have a problem with this guy, no glove and noodle left out in the open so the fly can shit in it. Im going to pass on it.

Blobby Blob says:

Utter filth

Cparticle says:

(they all only made nice sound from pan and flippers)

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sih1688 says:

Only tourist( who doesn't know better) will accept this kind of pad Thai.

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