4 One Plate Thai Dishes You’ll Love (Feat. Chicken)

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My good friend Derek, @MakeBistro on Instagram, is passionately obsessed with Thai Food. Derek and I got together to create a video to really get you in the groove of cooking one plate Thai dishes. Whether you love Thai food, have the ingredients, or not, this video is going to inspire you and show you all sorts of glorious techniques you can apply to cooking any dish. These are some of my personal favorite dishes.

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On the menu:
1. Khao Man Gai
2. Thai Fried Rice
3. Khao Soi
4. Pad See Ew

Music by
Dan and Drum
Lakey Inspired


weasal97 says:

Enough with the fucking slow mo !

Yasmean says:

I wanna marry Derek ugh

Ghana Mafia says:

This is kinda….CUTE i guess….
I'm getting gay dating BROmantic lady and the tramp vibes from this….lol….very nice….

lena keo says:

Your videos make me so hungry!!! Yak gin num dey!!!


that rendered chicken fat! Would love an instructional video on how to render the chicken gold out! lol

bluetextonwhitebg says:

thai people don't use chopsticks.

Tenzin Dawa says:

The dishes, the music, and these guys…everything is perfect!

joe651dzd says:

this dude is awesome. i love cooking thai food and i feel like i learned a lot from him does he have a blog or a youtube channel or something.

Rsrsr S says:

adaption lol

Xavier KIM says:

Can anyone tell me why the two brothers broke up

Alana Garza says:

These all look so great! I was wondering though how long for the braising of the chicken in the curry?

deizi666 says:

…who else was eating potatochips while watching this?

happyMOO5 says:

that rice is exactly how i make my arroz con pollo. switch the spices and i got a whole new dish now!

Patty kay says:

I'm sorry, I can't take my eyes off the man bun (not in a good way). Peace out.

Kris Johnstone says:

I can certainly agree with the chicken thing. I love making a chicken up in the slow cooker for the week and using it in so many different ways.
if you're just a single person, you can do the same thing but put half in the freezer for another week, still works well. Likewise with soups too! Can always freeze half of it up the instant it is cooled.

I just made some little filled fritters earlier that used some of the chicken we just made.
Used some stale fruit+nut bread, some oats, an egg, blended it all together with some spices (ginger, garlic, turmeric and rock salt), then inside some shredded chicken, scallions, a pepper, red onion, fine grated carrot and cheese to bind it all. (all dried beforehand, of course, wet veg can ruin the cooking process hard! woops)
Shallow fried them in a wok. .
Made a very simple sweet chilli sauce from malt vinegar, cayenne and chilli powder and honey, threw that in some water and blasted on low in the microwave for 10 minutes to thicken it up and cook. Worked far better than I expected for an improvisation. Will use the rest tomorrow for some oat savoury pancakes.

Anthony Sanchez says:

Love watching you guys. Im a cook myself. But would you guys consider making a video in how to make a great Poke?

Cass Grissom says:

I thought the chicken was going in the last dish too?

riner9 says:

i want a cheeseburger

ItsMyParty 87 says:

The friend didn't seems to enjoy the dishes lol he seems more of a pizza n burger kind of guy.

Jonah Saravo says:

Awesome Video, btw What kind of pans would you recommend buying? I'd like to swap out the crappy pans and pots I bought in a set for some good quality pieces 1 by 1, i'd like to get a fry pan, should I get stainless steel like all clad? Can you guys do a video on kitchen equipment with higher quality stuff than the last video you did?

missmya3972 says:

Also, is there a reason why you removed the wishbone before you cooked the chicken?

missmya3972 says:

I guess this is going to have to be my new culinary ingredient.. chicken fat. Chicken fat is where its at 😛 (btw, that is the best looking rice I have ever seen!!)

Mark Wiens says:

Great job on the Thai cooking, hehe, I like your seasoning!

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