4 hot young Thai girls in my bungalow on Koh Samui (sexy 18-21 yrs)

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Four very hot young Thai girls (18-21 years) regularly come to see me in my bungalow on Koh Samui.
This time before heading out to the discotheque, they showed me their sexy dance moves to the tunes of “One More Night” by Maroon 5 and “Gentleman” by Psy (Gangnam Style)

Watch the “making of” with some behind the scenes shots
and unused scenes !


Thai Girls says:

Never forget to stop and smell the roses.
Thais think everything should be fun.
That’s why they probably do have more fun than others.
Like the girls in this video (…and me)
Every day could be your last day.
And in the end, what you will regret most are the things you missed in your
But then it will be to late, my friend !
Welcome to Thailand !

And to those of you who feel the urge to post bible quotes, i want to say
I’m sorry your priest fucked you when you were a little boy.
It’s not my fault, but maybe you should be angry with your stupid parents
who made you a christian, muslim, hindu or whatever in the first place ?
… and by the way, god can see you jerking off !
I want you to remember this all the time.

Steven Paul says:

These girls are not that hot!

MrArrowstar says:

Such sweet girls. American women are too serious and act like men and never
act fun and care free like this. These girls are just being authentic and
real, having a good time which is something the career oriented western
women are incapable of. In Asia, women are still women and can be care

Kjell Farang says:
tony perez says:

ahhhh. good Thai girls.. just don’t turn your back on them.. 55555

kees kut says:

The girl in the red dress is hot.
Greetings from Amsterdam!

ronald jackson says:

i see one of them has the tramp tattoo allready on her leg

MrAndew123 says:

i love it i am going to patong in october 

john doe says:

Nice girls.

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