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Here is a really delicious and simple spice blend that you can make from spices you probably have on your pantry shelf right now! Thai curry is not something that I use on a regular basis, but I will be using it to make another delicious recipe in the coming days that you will all be able to enjoy for Superbowl Sunday! This is not a typical curry and has a few less ingredients than an Indian curry, but there is beauty in the simplity here and you can taste all the components, but when they are brought together they make magic.

As curry goes, I am not a huge fan. Truth be told, I never really acquired a taste for the east Indian cuisine. I worked for a family from India for many years and always had the privilege of being able to partake of their homemade offerings. My boss was a lovely lady who was very adept in the kitchen. She made everything from scratch with her mother and mother in law and her two daughters. It was a myriad of amazing scents. The curries and the garam masala was always hand made from scratch in her home and it was intoxicating when it was a day to blend those spices together. I wish I liked much of what she made more. However there are certain dishes I love. They were Hindu so they were vegetarian and while some of their dishes were not my favorite, I did enjoy some. I digress.

This curry is a Thai inspired curry and is much more simple than a traditional Indian curry. This one will be used to make sweet Thai chili wings for Superbowl. I want to use the spice to liberally season the flour dredge for my wings before frying. This gives another layer of flavor before saucing the wings for serving.

This curry is simply and has spices that are warm and savory. They are combined to make an amazing blend of flavors that will enhance my wings and in the future maybe even some roasted chicken or meat for lettuce wraps. I only made a small amount knowing that I would probably not be using this as quickly as some of my seasoning blends. So I made less than 1/2 cup in total. I will have to come up with some interesting uses for the remainder.

I have said before that I really enjoy being able to make my own seasoning blends from my spice collection. It really is great when you want to explore a new dish or a new cuisine. I highly encourage you to collect spices, even obscure ones, for this very reason. It helps to broaden our horizons and makes the world a smaller place. It can also help you “travel” the globe without leaving your kitchen. Face it, some of us may never be able to go to Thailand or India, but when we cook, we can go anywhere we choose and it only involves a trip to the grocery store!

I hope you give this Thai Curry Spice Blend a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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