Home Cooking in Thailand. Cooking Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe แกงเขียวหวาน. Living Cost

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Cost of Living in Thailand: Home Cooking. Shopping and Cooking Thai Green Chicken Curry แกงเขียวหวาน with Recipe. Eat Cheap Thai Food on a Budget. Budget Travel Thailand.

There is so much delicious Thai food in Thailand! My family and I barely do any cooking at home in Thailand because there is so much cheap, delicious food available everywhere here, but in this video we look at the cost of home cooking, a question that has been asked quite a bit lately on my Youtube channel. In this vlog we go to a local Thai food market to buy the ingredients for green chicken curry, which my wife shows you how to cook when we return home. The market in the video is in Ao Namao in Krabi Thailand. It’s open every Wednesday and Sunday from 4pm till 7:30pm and its Google Maps coordinates are: 8.036068, 98.861826

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The recipe in the video is:
– 6-8 Tha eggplants
– ½ Winter melon
– 5 “fingers” of fingerroot
– 30 Thai basil leaves
– 1 Kaffir lime leaf
– 250 gms of chicken pieces
– 250 ml of coconut milk
– 3½ cups of water
– 1 tbsp of salt
– 2 tbsp of raw sugar
– 1½ heaped tbsp of Thai green curry paste
– ½ tsp of stock powder
1. In a large bowl mix the salt and 2 cups of water.
2. Chop the Thai egg plants into quarters, place in a bowl and stir until they are covered in salt water.
3. Peel the winter melon, chop it into quarters lengthways and then cut into 2cm thick pieces.
4. Finely slice/shave the fingerroot.
5. Finely slice the chicken.
6. Add the coconut milk and 1½ cups of water to a pot and heat.
7. Tear the kaffir lime leaf into quarters and add to the pot. (You can add sliced fresh chili too if you want the curry extra spicy).
8. Cover the pot and bring to the boil.
9. Once boiling add the curry paste and mix in.
10. Leave the pot on a rolling boil (uncovered) for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
11. Add the vegetables and meat, cover and return to the boil.
12. Once boiling, stir, reduce the heat, cover again and cook until the vegetables are done (around 10 minutes).
13. Add the sugar and stock powder and stir in. Adjust sweetness to taste.
14. Turn off the heat, add the basil leaves and stir in.
15. Serve with rice and enjoy 🙂

Check out my Youtube channel for lots more Thailand food and travel videos, recipes and Thai street food information. You’ll find Thai street food on many street corners in Thailand, as well as at every market, be it in Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya. Thai food markets are one of the best places to buy fresh and authentic Thai food while you travel in Thailand. There are loads of Thai food markets and night markets all over Thailand, you’re never far from one. At the markets you’ll find so many Thai dishes on offer and the foods here are cheap, and so tasty! Best of all, the food is cheap, often much cheaper than eating in a Thai restaurant. Eating at food and night markets is a good way to eat cheap on your Thailand holidays.
And in case you’re worried, eating Thai street food is perfectly safe. It’s what the locals eat and it is cooked fresh and sold quickly. I’ve been eating it nearly daily for nearly 5 years in Thailand and my friends who have been to visit and tour Thailand have all eaten it, and none of us have had any problems. Thai street food is some of the best Thai food you’ll find in Thailand!

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