Bangkok Bites: Famous Thai Restaurant Soei’s New Location

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This episode is a quick feature on the ever popular Soei restaurant made famous on line with visits from Mark Wiens and Andrew Zimmern.

About Dwight:

“Eat well, travel happy, and give back!”

Dwight is an American food writer living in Bangkok. He created the hashtag #bkkfatty and later a food blog called Bangkok Fatty encouraging people to share their tastiest food finds.

Special Guests: Patient (local champion strongman) and Josh (chef from New York)

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If you recognize this famous Bangkok restaurant, it’s because it went viral online after visits from Andrew Zimmern and Mark Wiens. The restaurant is run by P’ Soei who’s respected for mastering flavor packed Thai dishes by getting creative with popular Thai food favorites.

For example this is his perfectly fried ‘yum kai dao’ (ยำไข่ดาว)… it’s a sour and spicy egg salad that’ll blow your mind because it’s crispy and chili covered on the outside, with an oozing running egg yolk on the inside.

You also have to be on the lookout for Soei’s seafood specials which always bring a new level of yum to the local catch of the day…

And believe it or not, the chef who runs this place can even make this steamy plate of liver taste delicious!

The restaurant recently moved to a new location about 10 minutes away from the Ari skytrain station and you can find a link to this location in the description box below.

Remember Soei is best enjoyed with friends so you can taste a variety of dishes. Just but be sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare because the service is often slow. Don’t fret about that too much though because these tasty plates, which range from 150-250 baht each (or about $4 to $7), are definitely worth the wait!

We rated Soei a 4.5 on our recent visit and are already looking forward to our next chance to eat here. Have you tried it yet? If not, just feast your eyes on these fiery dishes… Now before you start drooling on the keyboard, like and share this video and well see you for the next Bangkok Bites eating tip!

Prices are 200-300 baht per dish on average. In a big group expect to pay 300-500 baht per person.

Soei (ร้านเส่ย) Restaurant Review:
Ranking 4.5/5
Pro: New Larger Location, Delicious as always
Con: Service is Slow, Not for Thai food Newbies
Google Map:
Nearby Transit: BTS Ari

Restaurant/Attraction Rating Scale:
⇒ 1-2 Below Average
⇒ 2-3 Average
⇒ 4-5 Exceptional

“Eat well, travel happy, and give back!”

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