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Ingredients :
1)1 Cup prawns
2)1 cap fish sauce
1 cap Soy Sauce (+fish broth or prawn broth)
3)1 Tbsp Palm Sugar (Jaggery)
4)2 Caps Vinegar
5)Salt to taste
6)1 Bunch of Lemon Grass
7)2 Tbsp Chopped Garlic
8)2 Tbsp Ginger (Or Galangal, if available
9)1 Tbsp Thai Curry Paste (Optional)
10)Spring Onions (To taste)
11)3 Tbsp Coconut milk (Optional)

Thought I’d release a different kind of video today. A lot of you saying you wanted to see something other than Indian cooking. And I’ve also done a bit of Chinese cooking in the past. So thought that it was a great time to introduce THAI cooking on the channel. A lot of Indian dont know much about Thai food and that’s exactly why this video is a Thai cooking tutorial for beginners. Thai cooking basics, explained by a brother, for my bros and broettes. So enjoy today’s Thai cooking video because today’s Thai Prawn recipe is going to become one of your goto meals. Easy Thai food done right! This Easy thai food recipe is ideal for Indians trying to go about Thai cooking. And nothing better to start with than THAI prawns! This Thai style stir fried prawns are going to replace your regular prawn stir fry and become your new favourite dish! Enjoy guys!


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