Koh Samui a Beautiful Island – Thailand

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Koh Samui is a premier tourist destination in Thailand. It is one of the largest islands in the Gulf, known for its dense rainforest and palm-fringed white sandy beaches. At Koh Samui, you can enjoy the wonders of nature while relaxing in luxurious resorts and spas, enjoying world-class cuisine and having a blast at one of the many beach parties that start at noon.
While Samui offers many upscale amenities, there are plenty of affordable accommodations from charming beach bungalows to quaint inns and hostels. There is so much to enjoy here, you can always find yourself wonderfully lost in the backstreets beyond the beaches. Enjoy steaming Thai street food, discover secret temples and venture out to the south of the island where you can enjoy the sweetest seafood at one of the many authentic Samui family-run seafood restaurants.
Koh Samui is a tropical beach paradise you must add to your bucket list.

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