Thai Food Guide 10 Seafood Dishes อาหารทะเล

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Thai Food Guide 10 Thai Seafood Dishes

Grilled Seafood Grilled Prawns (goong yang) Grilled Clams (haawy yang)
Stir Fried Mantis Shrimp with Garlic gang thaawt gra thiiam
Spicy Soup with Prawns TomYum Goong
Yellow Curry Prawns gaaeng leuuang goong
Mussel Omlette khai jiaao
Stir Fry (Seafood) withBasil Pad Gra Phao Talay
Clams stir fried with Thai Basil
stir fried clams haawy gaap thaawt
Wok Fried Crabs bpuu nim
Mussels in Coconut Milk haawy ma laaeng phuu
Deep Fried Mekong Elephant Fish

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