Eating Thai Food with No Gluten or MSG

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Thai food is awesome. But what if you have Celiac disease?

You can eat many Thai dishes but soy sauce is a popular ingredient in many Thai dishes. So I suggest you learn to recognize dishes that have soy sauce. And when ordering your food make sure it isn’t cooked with it. Learn to say “Without soy sauce” – “my sigh nahm see ew” and practice that with a Thai person until they understand you.

Here are some of the popular Thai dishes that you can eat without problems:
Som Tam. This is a young papaya salad, mixed with shrimp, tomatoes, carrots, chilies, green beans and peanuts. The sauce is made from sugar, lime, Thai garlic and fish sauce.

BBQ meats on wooden skewers and sticky rice.

I’d be very wary of clear or dark colored soups due to soy sauce in the broth and avoid the wontons because they’re usually made with wheat flour and not rice flour. If noodles are any other color besides white I’d avoid them.

Curries are mostly safe because their flavor usually comes from spices blended together. And curries use coconut milk or cream as a thickener before adding the meat and veggies.

When it comes to rice, ordering plain steamed rice (khao – like cow), rather than fried rice is a safer bet because fried rice might have soy sauce. Or just ask for it to be made without soy sauce.

As for desserts, coconuts, bananas, sesame seeds, tapioca, rice flour, arrowroot flour, mango and beans are usually the ingredients. A very delicious and popular dessert is mango and sticky rice topped with coconut cream. This is a gluten free dessert and also the bananas in coconut milk and tapioca “sago” in sweetened coconut milk.

So there you go. Eat and enjoy your Thai food by learning how to say “without” to avoid condiments or ingredients that you prefer not to eat.

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