Vegan Thai food festival Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015

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For 9 days, in October or November, every year, the whole country of Thailand is transformed into a vegan buffet. The Chinese Nine Emperor Gods festival, is celebrated in Thailand as the ‘kin jay’ festival. Many Thai people, not just those of Chinese heritage, go vegan for the 9 day festival and pop up vegan food stalls can be found throughout the country. With a sizable Chinese-Thai population, as well as a overflow of Chinese tourists, Chiang Mai pulls out all stops for the festival. The central, and historic, Thapae gate square are houses the home of the festival, with countless vendors, cultural, and musical performances.

Chiang Mai is home year round to some truly fantastic vegan and vegetarian restaurants, some catering to tourist and expat tastes (and wallets), and many small local Chinese-Thai buffet style places serving ‘jay’ food day in and day out.

Arguably, all the food served at the festival is delicious, buy many dishes are heavy on salty soy sauce and oil, not to mention all the delicious deep fried treats. Have you sampled spring rolls from 4 different vendors in one hour? Well, I recommend it!

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