How To Cut Open A Baby Thai Coconut by Rockin Robin

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I’ll show you an easy way on how to cut open a baby Thai coconut. It’s really pretty easy if you know how.

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First off, when shopping for your Thai coconut, look for one that is white and has no mold on the outside of it.

Then shake it. You should not hear any liquid sloshing around in there! It should not make any sound at all. If you do hear liquid movement, it may mean that there is a leak in the shell. That would not be a good thing as bacteria can enter in.

Next, leave the plastic on the coconut. Why? Because they spray theses with fungicides and other chemicals to keep them from rotting. Leave the plastic wrap on so you don’t touch the chemicals.

Lay the coconut on it’s side. Take a strong chefs knife and cut the husk from the pointed end of the coconut. The blade will follow the hard shell of the coconut.

Once that’s removed, set the coconut upright and then use the heel of the knife to puncture a crack into the shell. Keep probing until you feel the shell crack. Once you get the crack you can wedge the heel of the knife into the crack and pull open the coconut.

Look for the coconut water to be clear in color. It is is pink or purple in color, throw it out. The coconut is not good to eat.

Same goes for the coconut meat. It should be white with no pink or purple.

I took a big glass and inverted the coconut over so the water would drain into the glass. Opps I had a little spill as there was more water than the amount the glass could hold!

You could put a straw in the water and drink it right out of the coconut if you choose. I like to save the water (or drink some right away) and use in for the liquid in a smoothie.

Scrape out the coconut meat which you will find to be quite soft with a spatula or spoon. Save it by freezing in a zip lock bag for future smoothies.

Coconut is very healthy for you as the water contains electrolytes great for hydration and to keep you from getting dehydrated.

Coconut also contains many vitamins and minerals.

You could also use the coconut water to make your own vitamin water by adding some coconut water to your mix of fruit and herbs.

Please be careful when cutting open your Thai coconuts.

Let me know if you have any requests for more videos in the comments below.

Rockin Robin
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