ประเทศไทย, Fun with thai girls – Lamai beach, Koh Samui, Thailand (Billabong’s bar)

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How to make Billabong’s girls happy at Lamai beach, Koh Samui.
Bar tender: me. Cameraman: my girlfriend. We had a lot of fun !
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justaman6972 says:

boots and pants boots and pants sheesh

Benni83S says:

I know the girls in this Video! Very funny Lady´s!

olga balonkabatova says:

yes thank you. but i cheat you. cause i live in samui more than 7 years.
that’s why the question was easy! but thanks again! have a nice day.

olga balonkabatova says:

Ladyboy on the right side. Left side for the black T-shirt guy

christazy says:

you win a shot of vodka!

lauri m says:

awsome bar like see you in november 🙂

christazy says:

Hello, Very nice place to live!!! Wich part in Koh Samui?

christazy says:

we had a lot of fun!

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